Colordragon Cartridge Needles Sample Box (20.00usd off code: samples )


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Sample Box Of COLORDRAGON Cartridge Needles, 20 pcs/box-2 pcs/size-total 10 size.

4.99USD Limited 1 box per new account +Free shipping within USA!

We design our cartridge needles with the following features: 

-Accurate ink pick up and clean lining.
-Coloring fast and running stable.
-No splash, no spit, no shaking and no ink leak.
-More ink hold and perfect ink flow.
-Medical grade materials and Japanese stainless steel.
-Rich configuration to fit various tattoo styles. 

Click links for more details:
Liner Works:

We had Portrait series, Black&Grey series, Color series for your choose! 

Portrait Series:
1003RLT, 1005RLT, 1007RLT,
1005RS, 1009RS,
C1007CM, C1009CM, C1011CM, C1015CM, C1025CM.

Black&Grey Series:
1203RL, 1205RL, 1207RL,
1208RS, 1214RS,
C1207CML, C1209CML, C1211CML, C1215CML, C1221CML.

Color Series:
1203RL, 1205RL, 1207RL,
1208RS, 1214RS,
1207M1, 1209CM 1211M1, 1215CM, 1221CM.

Please click each size link for needle details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jose Alonso
Needles are awesome

Great product, very well made needles

Jeronimo Casasola

Colordragon needles are smooth and consistent. Gets the ink in where it needs to be.

Stupid good!!

So I placed my order, received my needle way sooner than I thought they would come in. Gonna be honest, I don't care for the name, thought how good can they be with that name. Now I'm kinda upset because I keep a large stockpile of cartridges, and now I want to throw them away!! And I'm not talking cheap , bottom of the barrel,cartridges. I let the other guys at the shop check them out and they had the same reaction. If ya don't know, now ya know.

Firehouse Tattoos - Charles Iglinski
Great needle carts

Been using exclusively for a month now love the consistency of the carts

anthony travieso
Phenomenal needles

Bought the black and grey trail set and loved it so bought a ton more. Absolutely love these needles. They are a game changer and for the price you can’t beat them. Will be using these going forward. Love me some color dragon