What is a good needle?

Firstly the needle tapers must be in perfect shape, extremely sharp, no bent and excellent welding.
secondly, the shape of needles must be perfect,
The last important thing is to make all needles be consistency from package to package.
It sounds simple but in reality, it is quite hard to control the processing of precision manufacturing.

How did we achieve the goal?

All COLORDRAGON tattoo needles are using highest-quality surgical stainless steel. The needle tapers are using precision CNC processing without
touching any hard material in the whole process, which ensures the perfect shape.
We also use the CNC-machined mold to weld which guarantees the needle tapers’ consistency.
Finally, we use the 400x biological microscope to check each taper of the needle, and the needle shape before packing.

With above all, the highest quality and reliability of COLORDRAGON tattoo needles are guaranteed!

We Make And Keep Tattoo Needle Consistency!