Colordragon Cartridge Needles 12# Magnum

Colordragon Cartridge Needles 12# Magnum


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Colordragon Cartridge Tattoo Needles 12#(0.35mm) Magnum Shader With Open Tips, 20pcs/box

-Coloring fast and running stable,
-No splash, no spit, no shaking and no ink leak,
-More ink hold and perfect ink flow,
-Medical grade materials and sterile blister pack with EO gas sterilized,
-Membrane system and 20pcs in a box (1225&1235 10pcs in a box),

1, Easy To Use:
Ultra Long and straight tip design ensures accurate ink pick up, more ink, perfect ink flow and easy clean.
The precison mold made smallest gap ensures no shaking, no splash and no spit.

2, Consistency:
The CNC-machined mold guarantees the consistency of needle tapers and precision cartridge parts assembly ensures the same feeling for every tattooing.

3, Pro Technical Team Support:
Many tattoo masters from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, etc. are invited as the technical team to control the design and the quality of our brand.

4, Medical Material:
Needles made with Japanese medical stainless steel and plastic part with medical plastic PC.
They brings more hardness and long-term stability, which run smoothly.

5, Package&Body Design:
The needle body design by ergonomic, make sure non-slipery and anti-rotation.
Medical class individual sterile blister pack and ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilized.
Come with 20 pieces in a box.(1225&1235 come with 10 pieces in a box)

Magnum shader and curved magnum shader Needles taper diameter and length list:
Size              Diameter        Style        Length
C08XXM1     08# 0.25mm  Bugpin    2.0mm
C10XXM1    10# 0.30mm   Bugpin    2.0mm
C12XXM1L  12# 0.35mm   Regular   3.5mm
12XXM1      12# 0.35mm   Regular   2.0mm
C08XXCM    08# 0.25mm  Bugpin    2.0mm
C10XXCM   10# 0.30mm   Bugpin    2.0mm
C12XXCML 12# 0.35mm   Regular   3.5mm
12XXCM     12# 0.35mm   Regular   2.0mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Luis Escobedo

The 12-gauge magnum cartridges are excellent for achieving a quick and precise saturation, the best I have tried.

Brandon Duncan

I love these cartridges seriously

Awesome for color packing and shading

Love these needles for my shading and color packing. Haven’t had many issues as other mags with ink delivery and working well to get a wide amount of skin packed fast.

Austin Capeheart

The needle tube quality is impeccable. The narrow draw really allows for accuracy while tattooing. I have had very rare occurrences of total failures and overall the product is spot on. The liners always hold the perfect amount of ink, with little to no spill over, and the mags make saturation easy.

Sean Condon
Excellent needles!

I’m always skeptical of brands I haven’t heard of, but I’m so glad I made this purchase! Excellent quality needles, very smooth, and great customer service. I’m excited to try more sizes, and to see how they grow!