About Us

Since our founding in 2003, the Colordragon is always leading the industrial standards of tattoo needles and continuously improves quality.
Over fifteen years, Colordragon receives affirmation and praise from customers.
Now we are proud to release our new COLORDRAGON brand tattoo needle cartridges with high reliability perfect for professional tattoo artists only.

The international famous tattoo teacher Zhang Po, and many tattoo masters from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, etc. are invited as the technical team to control the design and the quality of this brand.

This product has been improved in pertinency based on much continuous ink, smooth ink flow, stable needle operation, durability and usability design, so as to be fit to various skins and to meet the needs of various styles of tattooists to the best extent.

Furthermore, our technical team is still to upgrade and improve the product constantly according to the feedback from the various styles of each country.

We devote ourselves to creating professional tattoo needle which is the most targeted and applicable. Welcome all tattoo artists to consult,try out and buy our products, and then exchange works and skills with international counterparts in our exchange platform!