Colordragon Cartridge Needles 10# Bugpin Round Shader

Colordragon Cartridge Needles 10# Bugpin Round Shader


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Colordragon Cartridge Tattoo Needles 10#(0.30mm) Bugpin Round Shader, 20pcs/box

-Accurate ink pick up.
-No splash, no spit, no shaking and no ink leak.
-More ink hold and perfect ink flow.
-Medical grade materials and sterile blister pack with EO gas sterilized.
-Membrane system and 20pcs in a box.

1, Easy To Use:
Ultra Long and straight tip design ensures accurate ink pick up, more ink, perfect ink flow and easy clean.
The down-stroke silicome membrane ensures no splash, no spit, no shaking and no ink leak.

2, Consistency:
The CNC-machined mold guarantees the consistency of needle tapers and precision cartridge parts assembly ensures the same feeling for every tattooing.

3, Pro Technical Team Support:
Many tattoo masters from Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, etc. are invited as the technical team to control the design and the quality of our brand.

4, Medical Material:
Needles made with Japanese medical stainless steel and plastic part with medical plastic PC.
They brings more hardness and long-term stability, which run smoothly.

5, Package&Body Design:
The needle body design by ergonomic, make sure non-slipery and anti-rotation.
Medical class individual sterile blister pack and ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilized.
Come with 20 pieces in a box.

Round liner and Round shader Needles taper diameter and length list:
Size           Diameter         Style        Length
08XXRL     08# 0.25mm    Bugpin    5.5mm
10XXRLT   10# 0.30mm    Bugpin    6.5mm
12XXRL     12# 0.35mm    Regular   5.5mm
12XXRLT   12# 0.35mm    Tight       7.5mm
08XXRS     08# 0.25mm   Bugpin    2.0mm
10XXRS    10# 0.30mm    Bugpin    2.0mm
12XXRS    12# 0.35mm    Regular   2.0mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jason Babirad

The cartridges are solid for certain applications but for my style of tattooing the ink well doesn’t hold enough ink.

Good quality.

This is perfect for small details works.

Nicole Zulianello
Super clean

I can do bold lines and little spot of color in two second, the tank can help you to work easly.
I absolutely love the conformation of these needles

Luis Escobedo

This cartridge size allows me to work in small spaces without damaging the skin. The membrane doesn't produce any noise, and even after working for a long time, the needles don't lose their sharpness. I highly recommend them.

Nick Prevatte
Extremely reliable

I'm new to tattooing so I buy a bunch of different brands of carts. Well that was before I got colordragon. It keeps ink so well and no drip, helps with my stencil. Great for a beginner or expert