12# Magic Round Liner


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COLORDRAGON 12# Magic Round Liner Tattoo Needle Cartridges, 20pcs/box
Perfect fit Cheyenne cartridges grip,
This Magic Liner can let you pick up ink only 3 second and tattoo 3 minutes,
The CNC mould keep needle taper shape consistency,
Let you always keep same feeling when you tattoo work,
Made with 0.35mm(12#) loose needle and super long taper(5.5mm-E),
Membrane System,
Individual sterile blister pack,
Sterile by EO. Gas,
Needles made with medical stainless steel,
Plastic part made with medical plastic PC.

Our Magic Liner is based on pick and hold more ink design.
You should pick up not too much at start and then pick up more and more.
We also set the needle out of the tip around 3mm.
So when installing this cartridge needle, try to tune back the grip or the machine.
Then add more untill your want.
If you accidentally get stuck, you can also pull it back by your finger on windows.

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